Hello and welcome to our home on the web. The Student Writers Guild is a student organization at Montana State University bent on fostering a community of writers that enhances the education of writing on every level. Though we are a student club, our membership is diverse, and represents not just undergrad students, but graduate students, alumni and writers from the Bozeman community at large.

We feel that the best way to enhance writing education is to provide opportunities for writers to collaborate on a professional level, in order that shared knowledge among peers fill in any gaps an individual may experience. To do this, we operate as a guild in which the organization is run by the members. As a club, we run a publishing company, hold writerly events and weekly meetings. We work together and teach each other and learn from each other and set goals with and for each other. We produce. We challenge. We encourage and grow. We have fun.

If you would like to join, or if you have any questions, please shoot us an email at: admin@msuwriters.org

04/21/2014 – Catalyst: Memo to Memoir officially announced.